This series of self-portraits, which started in 2012, is about Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome (which is a neuro-psychiatric illness and an important characteristic of Tourette is having tics.) where Anniek documented her tics with simple cameras to catch the movement and her feelings. 

After a decade she will continue (IK after a decade) documenting this personal project and express herself through these self-portraits. 


“Anniek is not  Anniek… I notice that she’s not comfortable in her own body, she is  not happy. She constantly suffers from tics. Some sort of ritual actually, sometimes a few, sometimes many at the time. It looks like she is having some kind of seizure. When that happens, for a slight moment, we are unable to get in contact with her. 

A visit to the University Hospital in Groningen, diagnosis: Gilles de la Tourette syndrome…”

– mom Anniek –